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The Three Big

The media sector in Finland is a medium-size branch of industry with a turnover of 4.4 billion euros in 1998. There are three big players in the mass media market of which, Sanoma is the biggest. Alma Media follows as the second and YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), the third.

The trend of concentration in media business has given the biggest market share to Sanoma since Sanoma Corporation merged with the book publishing company WSOY in 1999. Today Sanoma is also an international player by publishing over 300 titles (magazines) in 20 countries with a multitude of websites. Its total net sales 52 percent came form outside Finland in 2008 while the same share was only 8 percent in 1999. Sanoma has expanded into Eastern and Central Europe and Russia. In Finland, Sanoma owns, among others, the biggest daily Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest tabloid Ilta-Sanomat, the free paper Metro, and the business paper Talousssanomat that in 2008 ceased its print version and now comes out as an internet version only. Sanoma publishes 40 magazines in Finland, owns the TV station Nelonen (Channel 4) with its pay TV channels, runs Finland's largest cable operator Welho, and is a book publisher, too. More information about Sanoma is available from the company's web pages at

Alma Media was born in 1998 and was then the merger of the commercial TV channel MTV3 Finland and the major newspaper publisher Aamulehti Group. In 2005 the Swedish Bonnier & Bonnier AB and Proventus Industrier AB acquired MTV Oy (through the company Nordic Broadcasting Oy). Alma Media publishes the second big daily newspaper Aamulehti, and the second big tabloid Iltalehti. More information about Alma Media is available from the company's web pages at

The Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, is the national public service broadcasting company with two TV channels in Finnish (YLE1 and YLE2), one digital Swedish language TV channel (FST) and a further digital channels in Finnish (YLE Teema. YLE operates an internet TV and radio archive and thirteen radio channels and services complemented by 25 regional radio programmes. More information about YLE is available from the company's web pages at

Graphic media still reign the market by a clear marginal although the share of electronic media of total mass media market is growing steadily.

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